Who we are

We shared talents to achieve a common purpose

EDUCA EDTECH Group is integrated by a team of professionals passionate about education and tied to the world of teaching. From the different sites and working specialists trained in multiple areas such as the economy, law and pedagogy.
The group has a steering committee that acts as the engine to the momentum and growth of the educational institutions. To this end, there is a commitment to a culture and solid business that focuses its efforts on innovation and research, as well as in the development of all the agents involved.


Democratize education, take it to all corners of the world and get inequalities for each student to reach their professional goals.
Providing facilities and assistance so that students can have access to a quality education that allows you to generate new opportunities.


Understanding education as a significant learning personalised and applicable to real life. To acquire knowledge in a flexible way, to practice, with the support of dedicated faculty, and in a digital environment with the latest technologies.
Apply artificial intelligence to generate content, to analyze data, to improve the learning process and empowering the teacher.



Commitment to the pupils, the quality of the training and with the application of the technology. The practice of EDUCA EDTECH Group are ethical and responsible.


Integrity, transparency and closeness in each process and manifestation of the group. Learning without surprises and according to what was expressed.


Professionalism, desire for improvement, equipment, qualified and experts in different areas. Experience and passion for ensuring that students receive a quality education.


To the environment, to students, to people. Consideration and protection of the environment, as well as each of the actors involved in the activity of EDUCA EDTECH Group.


Building EDUCATES EDTECH, a technological complex for Ed-Tech is unique in Spain

The group centralizes your activity operating from the Building EDUCATES EDTECH, a space with more than 7 thousand square meters, which has involved an investment of more than 4 million euros. The seat is equipped with the latest technological advances to promote the development of companies that belong to the cluster.

The building has an architecture that is committed to a model of sustainable and respectful with the environment. Its facilities and spaces of work, in addition, provide an environment ergonomic, where the template can perform your job comfortably.

The space has, among other services, classroom training, auditoriums to exhibition and a recording studio with more than 10 cabins of high-quality, targeted and focused to generate audio-visual resources sufficient for all the training actions.

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