EDUCA EDTECH Group takes into account the context in which it operates and the impact of its activity on the environment, the economy and the people. Each of the educational institutions attached to working in a sustainable way and ethics. In order to project the efforts in the same direction, has been created Foundation Euroinnova to work actively in the development of the society.

Foundation Euroinnova, a step closer to an equitable society.

Among its powers, the Foundation works to facilitate access to training by granting aid and scholarships, we dedicate a large part of its resources to the research and is involved in Education projects EdTech. Also, mark the guidelines for the achievement of the SDGS on the part of every one of the educational institutions. In this way, all the entities that belong to the group work, based on four strategic pillars: people, society, environment and research.

Strategic pillars and shafts of action

1 People

Employment of quality, life balance, professional development and health and safety for the entire template.

2 Society

Equality of opportunities through access to training, recruitment policies, based on the diversity and accessibility, and beneficial actions in local communities.

3 Environment

Compensation of the carbon footprint, efficient use of resources, recycling and actions to improve the environment.

4 Research

 Knowledge transfer, update, and implementation of new technologies that allow for the advancement and progress of the society.

In relation to the Global Compact of the United Nations

EDUCA EDTECH Group is committed to the defense of human rights and contributes positively to support the right to quality education, especially for vulnerable groups. 

In the same way, cares and respects its employees, who have total freedom of leave in accordance with the established rules. The group adheres to the standards of the International Labour Organization and recognizes the right to collective association.

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