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Together our future is bright
EDUCA EDTECH Group, a large ecosystem with educational institutions, international leaders.

Welcome to the future of education, where the boundaries of learning will fade to give way to a transformative experience.

Our impact beyond the boundaries of the borders, Break barriers to knowledge accessible to all, regardless of where they are located. We connect hearts and minds in the same purpose: to learn, grow, and transcend.


In our company, we have woven the threads of the most advanced technology with human wisdom, to create learning platforms without borders, where each mind can flourish and reach their maximum potential.

The internationalization of our ideas and resources is the engine that drives the educational revolution global.

Our commitment

Our mission, vision and values are what moves us, motivates us and guide us in each decision-making.


Democratize education, take it to all corners of the world and get inequalities for each student to reach their professional goals.
Providing facilities and assistance so that students can have access to a quality education that allows you to generate new opportunities.


Understanding education as a significant learning personalised and applicable to real life. To acquire knowledge in a flexible way, to practice, with the support of dedicated faculty, and in a digital environment with the latest technologies.
Apply artificial intelligence to generate content, to analyze data, to improve the learning process and empowering the teacher.



commitment to the pupils, the quality of the training and with the application of the technology. The practice of EDUCA EDTECH Group are ethical and responsible.


Integrity, transparency and closeness in each process and manifestation of the group. Quality learning and according to what was expressed


professionalism, desire for improvement, equipment, qualified and experts in different areas. Experience and passion for ensuring that students receive a quality education.


the environment and people. Consideration and protection of the environment, as well as each of the subjects involved in the activity of EDUCA EDTECH Group.


Educa Learning Experience

In a world that is increasingly digital, the technology is an essential element of education. We are committed to knowledge transfer, technological development and research. We develop our own online learning platforms, which offer students a variety of resources, including videos, audios, exercises, forums and online tutors.

We have created the model EDUCA Learning Experience, the basis for creating educational methodologies own that offer students a meaningful learning and practical.
We believe that everyone deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their location or situation.

Committed to providing students with the best learning experience.

5 Areas of knowledge

  • Business management
  • Digital Marketing and communication
  • Languages
  • Safety and occupational health and safety
  • Human resources
  • Investment and finance
  • Right

  • Veterinary
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy

  • New technologies
  • Cyber security and cloud computing
  • Programming and development
  • Data science and artificial intelligence

  • Teaching and training
  • Social work, social services and Equality
  • Depoprte and physical Activity
  • Psychology
  • Therapeutic pedagogy

  • Science
  • Art and audio-visual production
  • Architecture and design
  • Professions and trades
  • Tutismo

EDUCA EDTECH Group in figures

+ 100,000 Students

21 Educational Portals

15 educational Institutions

50 Million Users



EDUCA EDTECH Group has the objective of promoting and enhancing the global network of educational institutions that form. To respond to the above, we have drawn up different strategic lines of action, highlighting the large investment in Artificial Intelligence. Through this technology, we can draw a custom path to learning that is adapted to the context of the student body. Our algorithms analyze the behavior of the students to identify their areas of strength and weakness.

Then, use this information to recommend tailored content that will help students to improve their skills. This form of acquiring knowledge involves an unprecedented revolution in the field of online training, achieving a learning facilities and cash.


We believe that education should be accessible to all the world. The different educational online training EDUCA EDTECH Group companies operate in Europe and in America, emphasizing their strong presence in Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands and Italy. 

Thanks to the idiosyncrasies of each of the brands, as well as to the different markets to target and the high degree of technological expertise, the group has managed to position itself as the grouping of the highest projection in the sector of education online. 

We all deserve access to a quality education, regardless of their location or situation. For that reason, we offer a variety of payment options. We also offer scholarships and discounts to students who need it. Education is a fundamental right and we are working to make it accessible to all. VENUES. Granada (nerve centre), Madrid, Amsterdam, Miami, Mexico and Bogota

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