Enviroment social governance

We consider the framework in which we operate and the impact of our activity on the environment, the economy and the people
In EDUCA EDTECH Group we understand that the Earth is unique, limited and granted on a temporary basis. In addition, we believe in a society that is fair, just and collaborative, so that we do of our activity, education, a shift towards an economy conscious. For this we have our workers, our main and most valuable asset, our stakeholders and the technology and always faithful to our values.

All of this and more is framed in the Plan's Director of Sustainability, with a vision focused, realistic, and tailored to our business, and the environment in which we develop.

In this way, our business is aligned with the following Sustainable Development goals:


In EDUCA EDTECH Group our heart is education as a tool of change, evolution and social justice. That's why we strive to be excellent in our sector and to equip our students with the training required to project their professional development, as well as endorse our ISO 9001 certification and all surveys, assessments and stamps made. 
In addition, we understand that our employees are the greatest asset of our company. In that sense, we take care of our work environment, and encourage the professional screening of our employees.



Since 2022 we have been centralized in the EDUCA EDTECH Group Building. This is an innovative technological complex unique in Spain, which has involved an investment of more than 4 million euros. The building has an architecture that is committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly model. Its facilities and work spaces are also designed to meet the work and rest needs of our employees. In addition, we have been certified in ISO 14001 since 2010. Furthermore, we understand that our workers are the greatest asset our company has. In that sense, we take care of our work environment and encourage the professional projection of our employees.

Our unwavering commitment to the environment and sustainability is recognized in the Granada Sustainable 2023 awards of the Provincial Council of Granada, where our EDUCA EDTECH BUILDING has been awarded a special mention.

This recognition highlights the design criteria that we applied in our facilities, which have been carefully designed to promote sustainability, energy savings and efficiency. Through the use of renewable energies, the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, and the minimization of light pollution and the integration of landscape elements, we have managed not only to reduce maintenance costs, but also improve the well-being and comfort of the employees working in the Building.

In addition, we understand that our employees are the greatest asset of our company. In that sense, we take care of our work environment, and encourage the professional screening of our employees.

Educa Edtech Foundation

The EDUCA EDTECH Foundation was born with this purpose of going one step further in our business activity and taking care of and getting involved in achieving a fairer society. Through projects linked to education, we promote and facilitate access to decent work and, with it, the elimination and reduction of social inequalities. Our bastions are research, technological development and the dissemination of knowledge, typical of EDUCA EDTECH Group, and they are, in addition, essential elements in this process of social development. In this way, the EDUCA EDTECH Foundation promotes education projects, grants scholarships and aid to facilitate access to training, promotes research and collaborates with other entities in order to promote professional development, with special attention to those who have fewer resources. and they are in an unequal situation.

One step closer to an equitable society


We understand transparency, honesty, accountability and compliance with the legal requirements as the pillars that ensure the proper management of our group.

For this we have the organizational structure sufficient to secure and implement manuals and codes of conduct that involve all parts of our business.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct includes commitments to:

All our suppliers and partners are subject to the fulfillment of our General principles of Behavior of Providers.
All Complaints relating to a breach of our Code of Ethics should be communicated through our
Whistleblowing channel

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