Educa LXP

Educa Learning Experience

EDUCA LXP is the learning experience enhanced by AI.
“Technology Stack LXP”

EDUCA LXP represents the revolution in the field of the learning experience, powered by artificial intelligence. Is the result of the Transfer of Results of Research of several multidisciplinary projects I+D+i, with participation of various International Universities.

The collaboration between the academic institutions of repute has been fundamental to consolidate and refine this unique learning experience, which combines the most advanced technology with the scientific rigour and academic excellence in various disciplines.

Partner universities:

EDUCA LXP it is based on:

Educational excellence

Methodology and Technology, which has been validated by institutions accrediting international and used by + 30 Universities and by a set of experienced and recognized educational institutions around the world, who share the mission of democratizing access to education and opt for the transfer of knowledge, by the technological development and research.

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Educational methodology patented

The methodology EDUCA LXP allows for an enhanced experience of learning by integrating AI in the processes of e-learning, through predictive models are highly customized, derived from a study of the needs identified in the interaction of the students with their virtual environments.

1. Flexibility

Learning 100% online and flexible, which enables the students to study where, when and how you want to.


Closeness and understanding. By democratizing access to education to work, so that all people have the opportunity to continue their education.


Formative, individualized and tailored to the needs of each student.

4.Accompaniment / Follow-up teacher

Academic orientation for part of a teaching team specialist in your area of knowledge, which advocates for the educational quality by adapting the processes to the needs of the labour market.


Technological developments in permanent evolution driven by the AI, through Learning Experience Platform.

6.Educational excellence

Didactic approach job oriented skills, which favours a hands-on learning and significant, ensuring the professional development.

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