Why work at EDUCA EDTECH Group?

Develop your talent and reach your true potential


In EDUCA EDTECH Group we help you to develop your talent and to reach your true potential.
As an employee of the group have the ability to influence the lives of people through education, and that is why we rely on our internal talent; so much so that 90% of the staff in positions of responsibility have emerged after an internal promotion.

Laboratory of happiness

We are firmly committed to the happiness and value of our workers, which is why we have a team dedicated exclusively to their well-being and to turning EDUCA EDTECH Group into a leading employer worldwide.

Top Employers

With the recognition of the best practices in the field of people management.

experience as a candidate

Your experience as a candidate will be unique from the treatment staff:

  • We guarantee the equality of opportunities without gender bias or discrimination of any kind, only the worth of the candidate.
  • Confidentiality throughout the process, maximum respect and clarity.

To do this, our team is committed to:

  • Provide follow-up and information to the candidate at each stage of the selection process in which it is located.
  • Assess each application under the criteria and contrasting-on-one interviews.
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