The network of school leaders training online

The training institutions online that belong to EDUCATE EDTECH Group they are leaders in each of the sectors of training in which they are specialized. The various educational bodies show a true commitment to the students, offering an educational cross-sectional and quality for their employment.

The institutions, in addition, have learning methodologies own, bet on the latest technology and invest in research for the overall progress. All the network works in favour of the development of the society, respecting the rights of the people involved and the environment in which they operate.

Educa EdTech Group gives support to these institutions in a different way:

  • RSC


School of business online that promotes a teaching multidisciplinary and integrated through innovative learning technologies for a practical application in the work environment. The agency has a wide range of master's programmes and courses that allow the development of business skills most in demand. 

Euroinnova International Online Education

Organism education online training leader internationally. All of your courses and master advocates for a hands-on learning, and uses the methodology itself Agile Education. The institution he has trained more 300.000 students of the five continents and bet the international expansion in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Chile.


The European Institute of Tax Advice is a escuela of negocios ornline specialized in training tax and legal. With a staff of first-class professional and a catalog of formation permanently updated, INEAF provides working professionals and recent graduates a high and specialized qualification. 


The Latin American School of Graduate born with the aim of to create a meeting point between Europe and Latin america. The institution provides quality training without barriers, and seeks to build partnerships with different agencies of reference. Through of their programs, ESIBE way for the pupils to intervene successfully in the work environment.  

EDUCATES Business School

School of business virtual with official recognition for courses and master's degrees online. EDUCATES Business School it has a advanced campus and online features professional specialized in every area. All formations have been designed under the premise of providing a student with a learning that can be applied in real-life situations. 


School of online training specialized knowledge in the sector of the physical activity and sport. With a wide range of formation of the industry of the eSport, and in the hands of experts, students acquire hands-on learning and experiential for the implementation of knowledge in real life. 


Educational institution oriented to the development of competencies and skills of the health sector. Training expert and accredited for health-care staff with a faculty of renowned and with the seal of quality.

Innova School of Management

High school online specializing in training in business, technology, communication, health and the environment. The entity provides the student with knowledge applicable to the work environment and premium hands-on learning, taking into account the context of the learners and their goals. 



Educational platform that offers a wide range of courses and master's own certified university in the field STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and in the construction sector, energy and infrastructure. In addition, PHAROS, its recognized service Lifelong Learning Service (LLS), dedicated to corporate learning and has trained employees of leading corporations of the IBEX 35 as Endesa and Acciona. 

Network Educates

School training online reference in the educational area. More than 10 years, training to teachers with a strong social commitment that seek to specialize, or to meet new areas of action and working methodologies. Your catalog training offers degree programmes approved and baremables in opposition to them.   

INESEM Corporate Learning

Center of continuing education and free for workers and the self-employed. Courses and master's programmes to update their knowledge and skills and/or improve the skills of the workforce with zero costs for the company. Comprehensive catalog of training bonus, up-to-date, quality and practice.  

In Educa.Pro we know that the continuous training of the employees is fundamental to the success of any company. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive solution that manages efficiently the formation of work teams through innovative solutions and customized to the specific needs of each company and its employees.

Educa.Pro will save you time, providing you with training plans, custom and real-time reporting of every one of their employees. Discover the Corporate Training powered by AI.


A Human Resources consultant and Business Strategy of EDUCA EDTECH Group. Their goal is to ensure the well-being of employees and a pleasant working environment, as well as develop a strategy for effective organization. In addition, since Índize working for the recruitment of new talents and the promotion of the careers of the template.  

Índize offers innovative solutions for human capital management by leveraging the benefits of the use of the new technology at the service of the RR.HH. 

Educa Corporate Learning

Educational institution oriented to the development of new skills and re-skilling of professionals. Educa Corporate Learning is a school specialized in the development of talent and the practicality of knowledge. Through artificial intelligence, it is achieved that the students have a unique experience and a significant learning.  

Euroinnova Editorial

Euroinnova Editorial is a publishing house specializing in the publication of learning content multi-support oriented to the training sector.

The knowledge of the context of formation current, in a profound process of transformation, it has generated in our organization have a project which combines the content update, renewal pedagogical and the bet for the innovation of the hand of the New Technologies.


iEditorial is a technology editorial dedicated to the making and marketing of Training Modules and professional Certificates through e-learning. The specialization of iEditoral makes it one of the leading companies in the production and sale of teaching materials oriented obtaining Certificates of Professionalism.

iEditorial marketed its content offering educational training centres, institutions, etc, to provide training to e-learning.

Foundation Euroinnova

An organization devoted to charitable purposes, to Artificial Intelligence, the science and the generation of opportunities for a quality education. The Foundation was created with the aim of contributing to the development of the society and enable everyone access to quality training.  

Since the institution is sailing to the companies that belong to the group have an established corporate social responsibility and work in the line of the Agenda 2030.  

Euroinnova Edtech

Consulting reference in the ICT sector, specialized in solutions e-learning for companies linked to the field of education. In Euroinnova EdTech they are experts in digital transformation and new technologies and have an advanced R & D department for the improvement of the systems of training online and distance learning.   

Educa Content Lab

Entity dedicated to the generation of content online learning designed according to the profile of the students and their needs. Through the artificial intelligence created formative unique that respond to the context in which learning is taking place and the way to acquire the knowledge of every person.  

Educa Cloud

Online training platform oriented to the acquisition of specific knowledge of a particular subject. The students can learn from a specific field in a digital environment and advanced from anywhere and on any device. The catalog of training, in addition, it is available in different languages. 

Educates University

Entity reference in the world of online training with a comprehensive catalog of training the best universities in the international scene. Institution that promotes an educational model of access without cost, with quality content, and with the obtaining of the official degrees of the best centers worldwide. 


The training schools of Educa EdTech Group made a significant investment in technology to improve the processes of teaching and learning. Be at the forefront of these advances along with the desire to bring education to every corner of the world, is what makes these institutions are positioned as leaders in the sector.

Case study of Google

The educational group, together with Google Cloud, has developed a middleware that allows you to connect your current services to Identity Platform, achieving the integration of their data and improving user experience.

Development of our own app

In 2023 you will see the light on the app Euroinnova, a project born from the technological development that drives the educational institution and reinforces one of its main pillars: that all the world can study where you want and when you want.

Projects of Artificial Intelligence

Development of a strategic plan to analyze what are the real needs of users who want to learn online, with the goal of understanding and customize the training offer in real-time. This bet by the AI is embodied with two projects: INECMASYST and AICORE.

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