EDUCA EDTECH Group inaugura oficinas en Perú

EDUCA EDTECH Group strengthens its presence in Latin America with a new branch in Peru

The EDUCA EDTECH Group continues to strengthen its presence in Latin America as part of its strategy of international expansion, now with the opening of a new new offices in Peru. Located in Lima, specifically in Avda. República de Panamá 3461, oficina 11ª, Distrito de San IsidroThe facility will house a initial staff of 50. This expansion represents a significant step in the group's commitment to education and its goal of making it more accessible through technology.

A firm commitment to online education in Latin America

With more than 180 professionals in the regionEDUCA EDTECH Group is consolidating its position as a key player in the Latin American educational spherewhere it already has a presence in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Dominican RepublicPeru has now joined this list. The new offices in Lima will not only serve as a key operational centre for the development of B2B projects with leading companiesThey will also support the Da Vinci University of Mexico in its educational initiatives.

In the words of Rafael García-Parrado, CEO of EDUCA EDTECH Group:

"Our offices in Peru will become a key strategic point in our international expansion, and we are confident that we will achieve great success in this new phase.".

The opening of this office also forms part of an expansion strategy in which the leading EdTech group is going to adding collaboration agreements with different universities and educational institutions in Latin America.with which it highlights its specialised technology in online training, as well as its knowledge and contents guaranteed by its own methodology, '...'.Learning Experience Platform'.  

EDUCA EDTECH Group, a leader in online training 

EDUCA EDTECH Group is a group of renowned online educational institutions that has as its mission to primary mission to democratise access to education. Bringing together knowledge transfer, technological development and research, the group offers a extensive training catalogue in which the Artificial Intelligence as a key technology to deliver a fully personalised educational experience. 

With more than 19 years of experienceEDUCA EDTECH Group has been internationally recognised by different rankings and certificationsThe commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of education is highlighted in both the Europe and Latin America. More than one million students have already been trained thanks to the technological platforms and educational content of the group, which is in full expansion. 

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