Structuralia protagonista en el nuevo episodio de la serie documental de RTVE sobre ingeniería romana

Structuralia premieres on RTVE a new episode of its documentary series on Roman engineering

The online postgraduate and continuing education institution specialising in STEM careers, which is part of the EDUCA EDTECH Group, thus completes a collection of six documentaries that review the main infrastructures of classical culture.

For those living in Mediterranean countries, strolling through the architectural legacy of the Roman Empire is normalised, part of the privileged décor 'that has always been there'. However, as soon as you look up and take a closer look at the details, you begin to be amazed at the true achievement of imagination, science and planning that remains such as the Aqueduct of Segovia, the Roman Coliseum or less obvious but equally important structures.

Structures such as the portsThe Roman city, a strategic complex for the ancient Romans, will be the protagonists of a new episode of the documentary series on Roman engineering that Structuralia together with Radiotelevisión Española, Digivisión and Imageen, have produced and which will soon be available on the RTVE platform.

In this new instalment, which is scheduled to be previewed during the Zaragoza Saraqusta Festival, to be held from April 26th to May 3rdPublic Works engineer, geographer and historian, Isaac Moreno will review the great unknowns of the public works of antiquity: the Roman ports. In spite of the great destruction to which these great works were subjected, recent studies are shedding sufficient light on the understand the amazing engineering that went into its design and construction.

Structuralia, paths that build futures

The online training portal specialising in engineering, infrastructure, construction, energy, building, digital transformation and new technologies. has been key to the production of this series of six documentaries. This outreach project goes hand in hand with the brand's raison d'être: to offer advanced training with practical, real-life knowledge that is applicable to the real world. goes beyond the theoretical and helps students to face real challenges in their professional careers.

The novelty of the format, in documentary form, shows how the brand, which part of the leading technology company EdTech and online training, EDUCA EDTECH Group, innovates when it comes to transmitting knowledge and facilitating understanding both for the general public and its students, professionals specialising in highly technical careers.

In this sense, the documentary series has received several awards and acknowledgements in prestigious events such as The Archaelogy Channel International Film and Video Festival or New York Festival World's Best TV & Filmsto mention just two examples.

With this new episode, Structuralia and EDUCA EDTECH Group take a further step forward in their efforts to facilitate access to knowledge through innovative formats and platforms.

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