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EDUCA EDTECH institutions reach top positions in Financial Magazine rankings

Up to a total of 7 institutions of EDUCA EDTECH Group have been recognised in the prestigious Financial Magazine Ranking this year. Some are repeating, while others have been added to the list, such as Educa Open.

Specifically, Euroinnova, INESEM, INEAF, Esibe, inesalud, Educa Open and UDAVINCI have been the companies recognised in the different rankings, thanks to the hard work of the EDUCA EDTECH team to offer quality online learning that reaches all corners of the world.

Financial Magazine, a seal of quality in economics and education

Financial Magazine is a space for economic information, education and training centres, which aims to disseminate the main news and developments related to these sectors.

In addition, it publishes several rankings a year, in April and September, on the training centres, institutions and portals of all levels and modalities of education that comply with the criteria of quality and academic excellence. To do this, use objective indicators as information from the educational institution itself, as well as web-based metrics on the school's academic reputation.

Likewise, the number of categories in which it is possible to participate is very broad, although each centre applies to participate in those areas in accordance with its field of knowledge.

Up to 7 institutions recognised in Financial Magazine 2024

Following an annual review of more than 400 universitiesand business schools and institutions of higher education, the various brands with the EDUCA EDTECH label have managed to repeat yet another year among the different categories of the rankings, or, as in the case of Educa Open, to join them in this edition.

The institutions and categories recognised were:

Euroinnova International Online Education

Euroinnova not only remains in the Top 3 of Online Business Schools, it also stands out for being Top 1 in Employability in 2024. In addition, it is in the Top 3 in terms of Centres for Competitive Examinations (2nd position), Business Studies Centres (3rd position) and Business Schools in Latin America (2nd position).

Likewise, the Euroinnova training has also been recognised, as in the case of the Masters in Energy, Environment, Architecture or the Courses in Fashion Design.

INESEM Business School

INESEM has also remained among the top 10 business schools, also standing out in the categories of Employability, Business Schools in Latin America and Business Studies Centre.

With regard to the INESEM trainingThe first position in Masters in Banking and Financial Markets stands out, as well as being one of the leading Business Schools in Graphic Design Courses, Masters in Commercial Management or Masters in Advertising and Public Relations.


Also recognised in the Top 10 Best Online Business Schools. Although, at home, INEAF The institution stands out for having been the best institution in the Masters in Auditing y Masters in Law.


The Ibero-American Graduate School has been recognised in this edition of Financial Magazine Rankings for being the best in the world in the best Business School in Latin America.


INESALUD is one of the institutions included for the first time in the previous edition, repeats in this 2024 edition, crowning itself as best choice in Nursing Programmesas well as one of the best in Masters in Health or Masters in Nutrition.

Educa Open

In this case, the new addition to the Financial Magazine Rankings. Educa Open has stood out in the ranking of the April 2024 edition of Masters in Robotics, Masters in Design and Creation of Video Games, or Masters in Artificial Intelligence. In total, 9 categories in which it is included for the first time.


Defined as the Best University in Latin America according to the Financial Magazine Ranking 2024. UDAVINCIthanks to its outstanding Master's, European Postgraduate, Bachelor's and Doctoral programmes, has achieved the first position and surpasses leading institutions in Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

An award for EDUCA EDTECH Group's daily work to bring quality online education to all corners of the world, always relying on the latest learning trends, adapting to the needs of the current market, as well as to the conditions of the students.

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